Step One
First of all, ensure that your collar is up. This makes it easier to tie the knot. Take a look at the diagram on the left. "W" stands for wide and "N" stands for narrow. Take the "W" part of the tie and place it around your dominant side (the side you use to write or play sport.). Allow enough length in the "W" side for the tie to reach your belt buckle. Cross the "W" part over the "N" part of the tie.
Step Two
Hold the point where "W" crosses over "N" and pull the "W" end towards your chest and up between your collar and the cross.
Step Three
Pull the wide end "W" underneath narrow end "N" and to the left, back through the loop and to the left again so that the wide end "W" is inside out.
Step Four
Bring the "W" end of the tie across to the right.

Step Five
Bring the "W" end behind the tie and back up through the loop.

Step Six
Pull the "W" end down and through the knot you just created
Step Seven
Using both hands, one on each Tighten the knot and pull it up towards the collar.