First Aid, Second Aid, Third Aid and Fourth Aid

Over the weekend 16-17 October, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst provided the setting for the Cadet 150 National Festival of First Aid 

The Young Adult team (over 17-24 year old) from 51 (Orton) Sqn had their First Aid skills tested to the limit treating a variety of injuries sustained by casualties including a fractured arm, fractured pelvis, nose bleed and several other injuries. 

Against all the odds the Young Adult team of CIs Charlotte Bone and Lois Durrant and Cadetsreserve Cdt FS Siobhan Byrd, gained Bronze in the Young Grand Prior Competition, which includes teams from Industry, volunteer services, St John, The Red Cross and other Cadet forces. 

Really pleased with that result, even better was to come. In the Inter Services Cup, competed for by all Cadet Forces the team came away with a well deserved second place and Silver, again second to their friendliest of rivals Cambridgeshire ACF.

Charlotte has competed for several years both as a cadet, and now as a member of staff, and was delighted to win Gold for the best individual, after tying for first place with another competitor. Charlotte said afterwards: “I am ecstatic with the result, and extremely pleased with the performance of the whole team.” 

Perhaps the outstanding result of the day was still to be announced. Cdt FS Siobhan Byrd only discovered on the coach to Sandhurst that she was to compete as the teams reserve, after a last minute drop out by the original reserve. Siobhan rose to the challenge, and Cadetthrilled the entire team and support staff when she came away with more Gold as she received the best reserve Platter. She said afterwards: “This may be the last time I compete as a cadet, and to go out on a high is great.”

OC 51 (Orton) Sqn and Team Manager, Flt Lt Angela Bone, said: “The team has overcome all the odds to do so well this weekend. Siobhan didn’t want to compete, but said she would try her best, I can ask no more.”

51 (Orton) Squadron Youth team (under 17 year old) in only their first year together as a competitive team, did remarkably well in gaining entry to the National first Aid competition in their first attempt at trying. The team comprised Cdt Cpl Lewis Dann, Cdt Steven Page, Cdt Sgt Rebecca Navarrete and reserve Cdt Natalie Clampin. 

The National Air Training Corps Youth First Aid Championship saw history in the making. For the first time in its history, there was a 3 way split for first place, with three teams sharing 181 points, with only a further two points covering the top five places.

51 (Orton) Sqn tied in joint 4th place with local Regional friendly rivals 5F (Northampton) Sqn with 179 points. On the team test decider (in case of a draw) Orton Squadron narrowly beat 5F to fourth place.

Flt Lt Angela Bone, said afterwards: “For the cadets to gain entry to the Finals was reward in itself, but to come away only two points behind the winners, and fourth overall is a fantastic result, and something that should inspire all cadets to give First Aid competitions a try.”

All competitors were further rewarded as they were presented with a special limited edition commemorative medal, celebrating Cadet 150 and the Festival of First Aid.