Drill (marching) is a vital part of encouraging teamwork. When a group of twenty cadets walk on to a drill square they are all individuals, but as soon as a session of drill begins the cadets become a team following the orders given by one person. Instead of twenty individual feet hitting the ground, there is only one bang this is result of practice and teamwork.

Drill is also used to move cadets from one place to another in a smart orderly fashion. This shows civilians and members of the forces just how well disciplined the cadets of the Air Training Corps are.

Drill & discipline is the responsibility of the Adult Warrant Officer (A.W.O) or Non Commissioned Officers (N.C.O) on a squadron. Once a Cadet has gained a few years experience and has attained an N.C.O rank, the cadet will pass on his knowledge and experience to other cadets such as instructing cadets how to participate in a drill squad, taking charge of a drill squad or flight or even taking a major part in ceremonial drill such as a Standard Bearer at Remembrance Day Parades.