Radio Communications

"The ATC Communications badge, earned by many of the 51 Squadron Cadets, has found a snazzy place on our brassards. This allows us to use sophisticated equipment without supervision and will also enable us to teach students all about radios. Using radios entertains us regardless of the situation because you can improvise greatly with them, such as playing battleships and hide n seek!"

The Air Cadet Radio Operator syllabus covers:-

There are three qualifications available to cadets for radio operating skills:

Provisional Radio Operators' Certificate - This certificate is available for either HF or VHF operating - or both... Awarded locally to cadets who can demonstrate a knowledge of Air Cadet radio operating procedures, techniques and basic radio operating skills.

Full Radio Operators' Certificate - As above - awarded to cadets who can demonstrate more advanced radio operating knowledge and skills.

Communicator Badge - Awarded to cadets who have achieved their Full Radio Operators' Certificate and who undertake training in a number of additional communications modules and can demonstrate knowledge of the subjects covered.