Adventure Training

There is a wide ranging Adventure Training syllabus in the ACO - depending on the squadron you attend, you could try your hand at Tyrolean traverse watersports, skiing, mountain walking, cllimbing or caving. Adventure Training within the Air Training Corps takes many forms, in fact to many to list here. Each activity is supervised by an experienced, qualified instructor and qualified first aiders are always on hand. Risk assessments are made for each activity and written assessments produced. Cadet safety is always paramount.

Adventure Training is designed to take Cadets out of their normal situation, to make them work as a team on a unfamiliar task, to improve their self confidence and leadership skills and to enable them to work outside of their everyday situations.

Many Cadets find Adventure Training to be one of the best activities that they take part in. The ACO has two adventure training centres, one in Cumbria and one in North Wales. Cadets from 51 (Orton) visit them every year and also have the chance to go on other courses such as cross-country skiing in Germany and Outward Bound in Scotland.