Recruitment Time.

Serpentine Green51 (Orton) Squadron are always looking for new recruits aged between 13 and 17 to join their squadron, and this Saturday they spent the whole day in Serpentine Green demonstrating just some of the opportunities on offer to them through the Air Training Corps.

The Squadron Drum Band performed on an hourly basis, which certainly did gain the attention of the crowds, and was key to our recruitment drive, one as it gained the attention of everyone and two we could demonstrate that young people could join with no skills in a particular area, however they could soon be performing publically. Cdt Kieran Robinett said "I have been with the squadron just over a year now, and when I joined I did have an interest in playing the Drums, but as I had no musical experience, I didn't hold out much hope.  Yet Flt Sgt Smith gave me the opportunity to learn and when being put in the deep end at a parade have never looked back, it's fantastic."

Serpentine Green
The group helps cadets develop physically, mentally and socially by providing a range of challenging activities.  Flt Lt Andy Mason said "We don't only offer military skills, but we also focus on daily skill development such as DofE awards, Public Services BTec, First Aid, Team Leadership, Team Initiatives, Modelling and Media."

All the cadets really enjoyed their day, and are always happy to discuss what they do through the Corps, what they have given in terms of time and skills and  probably more importantly what they have received by being part of the squadron and corps.

If you want to develop your skills, be part of something outstanding, learn something new or stand out from the crowd, why not visit our squadron to see how you could benefit from joining such an organisation., or email us at, or you can call 01733 391071. Or why not make that first step and come and visit our squadron on either a Tuesday or Wednesday night between 7pm and 9.15pm, just behind Nene Park Academy.