Pre GS coures, what does that mean exactly?

Well three cadets from 51(ORTON) Sqn, Cpl Andrew Goodman, Cpl Conor Wells and Cdt Jamie Toms found out last week.

PreGSThe pre GS course is designed to aid the individual’s understanding of conventional and powered gliding. This course is run for six cadets per region to ensure each cadet gets the best opportunity possible, to fulfil their ambition in flying conventional and powered gliders.

The course is based around a simulation which aids the cadets in learning things as easy as yaws, to completing a circuit. In Cdt Toms opinion “Being in a classroom with six other cadets using a simulator is a lot better than sitting in a classroom being taught through PowerPoint presentations. For him it gives a sense of being in the cockpit and actually seeing what could go wrong and how to correct it"

Each cadet learnt how to take off and land these marvellous machines, along with setting a good grounding in their knowledge of keeping the gliders steady and running. The skills of the cadets were tested towards the end of the day, with a friendly competition between the cadets.

The atmosphere was tense as each cadet wanted to achieve the ultimate goal of taking the trophy. The prize was eventually awarded to Cdt Toms, who managed to keep a steady 55 knots during his flight and completed an almost perfect taking off / landing. Rest assure though, it was not an easy contest, as clearly the cadets had worked hard during the day and left with exceptional skills.

These cadets will now go on to apply for their gliding scholarship and eventually be given the opportunity to fly solo in conventional and powered gliders once they have reached 16.

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