Fantastic Promotion at Park Farm Thorney

Last weekend, Cadets from 51 (Orton) Squadron took part in promoting and advertising the squadron by attending the Park Farm Open Weekend. Drill

The Cadets put on demonstrations of Drill, and encouraged the general public to take part, including the farm animals; there is even a video on our Facebook account.  Why not take a look “51 – Orton Squadron Air Cadets Public Page".

The Drum corp, demonstrated their skills on the drums, which each time made those attending the event gather round in amazement.  The squadron also managed to raise money by selling custom made bags and pens.

The weekend was held at Park Farm in Thorney, to celebrate local agriculture, and Vintage machinery. The event was privileged to have a Flypast by The Red Arrows, be it only as they made their way to another event.

DrillThe weekend was not all about promoting though.  The cadets had a wonderful time and took part in several activities from Sausage making, to feeding the lambs and even a tractor ride through the estate.  We would like to thank Park Farm for their invitation and their hospitality throughout the whole weekend, it was great fun.

If you want to experience something different, and make a difference to others whilst being rewarded yourself, come and see us at our base at Nene Park Academy.  We meet on a Tuesday and Wednesday night between 7pm and 9.15pm.  Visit our website for more information,