Open Evening

51 Orton Squadron invite you to attend our free, no obligation open evening on the 20th February between the hours of 7:15pm and 9:15pm. This will be a relaxed evening based around having fun and there is no commitment to stay the whole evening or indeed to arrive at 7:15pm.

The squardon will be demostrating many of the opportunties open to each member, however please bear in mind we are unable to fly from this location!!!! There will be talks and activities arranged for everyone to try and please bring your loved ones along with you.

There will be Staff, Cadets, and Civillian Committe members around to talk to, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

This event is not only for the younger memebers of the community but also for the adults who would like to volunteer to support a worthy and rewarding organisation.

Should you not be able to make it on these dates, but would like to attend on a different night, please call 07725 873 405 to speak to a member of staff of whom will be more than happy to arrange an alternative date.