Air Cadets in the Community.

Low Vision Day

Eight cadets from 51 (Orton) Squadron, along with CI Ally Lee, spent Thursday helping out at the Low Vision Day at the Bull Hotel in Peterborough.

Low Vision DayThe invite for the cadets to attend this event came following their Guide Training back in August of this year.

Four of the cadets were asked to meet people from the Peterborough Train Station whilst the other four guided two attendees from the Bus Station to the Bull Hotel. Once at the Bull Hotel, the cadets helped anyone who required it, in any way they could. Cadet Jacob Rajski, said "I was so pleased to be there for the day, I guided three people round and also got the opportunity to walk some dogs which was great."

One of our lucky cadets led a Mr Roy Harris, and assisted him with his purchase of a pocket magnifier. He contacted the Customer service department of the RNIB especially to ask them to pass on the following message "that he found the young lady who assisted him yesterday to be fantastic and that she know exactly how to work around blind people." Feedback from the My guide staff themselves was as equally good as they stated "The cadets were all dressed very smartly and were very polite to all the people who needed guides. You all did a fantastic job guiding the visually impaired confidently around the event, well done to you all" Cadets you should feel proud of yourselves to get comments such as this from total strangers well done each and every one of you.

So if you want to make a difference, learn something new or stand out from the crowd, why not visit our squadron to see how you could benefit from joining such an organisation.,, 01733 391071.