Yellow is the colour for 51 (Orton) Squadron Cadet.

Instructor CadetLast week Cadet Sergeant (Sgt) Logan Robinett (17) had his final assessment from Squadron Leader Rob Bradshaw for his Instructor Cadet Classification. This Classification is the highest level achievable in the Air Cadet Corps and is only award after an interview and an assessment of teaching by a Squadron Leader.

There are six classifications in total in the Corps which as a cadet you can progress through and each one carries their own examinations and these are Junior Cadet, First Class Cadet, Leading Cadet, Senior Cadet, Master Air Cadet, and Instructor Cadet. Each cadet who is part of 51 (Orton) Squadron or indeed any squadron, are encouraged to progress through these classifications with support from staff and cadets alike and which are totally separate to the rank structure within a squadron. On achieving this highest level of Instructor Cadet you are presented with a yellow lanyard which is worn on your left hand side and signifies that the cadet is indeed an instructor so therefore it is considered to be an honour. This is because it represents a cadet having successfully completed all of their academic training and are now qualified to pass on their new skills and knowledge to younger cadets on the unit as they become a qualified instructor.

Sgt Robinett's Lanyard was presented to him on final parade by Squadron Instructor CadetLeader Rob Bradshaw, who gave a short talk to all the cadets on what was involved in achieving this and giving others the encouragement to simply go for it.

Shortly after being presented with his Lanyard Sgt Robinett said, "I am so happy to have passed my assessment, even though nerves did kick in. There have been times during the last 5 years that I thought I may never achieve this personal goal of mine and I am sure I wouldn’t have without the staff support at 51 (Orton) Squadron. I am fully aware that this classification comes with a lot of responsibility which I hope I can manager to fulfil for the squadron and I would like to thank those who I was teaching Wednesday night for being such a fantastic group."

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