Feeding the Troops.

Two cadets from 51 (Orton) Squadron experienced feeding the troops last week when they were invited to complete a full shift in the Mess at RAF Wittering.

Corporal Conor Wells (16) and Cadet Kieran Robinett (14), undertook a 12 hour shift in the RAF Wittering Junior Ranks Mess, thanks to Flight Sergeant Darren Smith who highlighted the cadets interest in joining the military in the catering profession and approached the Chef.

It was an early start for Cpl Wells Chefand Cdt Robinett, as the alarm clock went off at 4.15 signalling shower time prior to attending the mess for 5am. The first job of the day was for the cadets to be dressed for the task and so were fully kitted out in their full whites. By now the start of breakfast was fast approaching. Serving was the next challenge for these budding young men and after a short lesson the first arrivals for breakfast were their own comrades, also staying on camp at RAF Wittering for their Wing Autumn Camp.

After a quick break for the trainee chef’s to feed themselves it was straight back to work. Cpl Wells was tasked with the preparation of the Sweet and Sour sauce for lunch and Cdt Robinett, started the pack ups for the following day. Working quickly and efficiently the jobs were Chefsoon done and both Conor and Kieran were looking for the next task. It wasn’t long before it was time to test their serving skills once more as personal from the RAF turned up to lunch. Cpl Wells said, “Even though I am currently completing a Catering Course, I learnt so much during the morning and by lunch time I felt very comfortable in serving the airmen and women.”

Once again, at the end of lunch Conor and Kieran were allocated some time for their lunch, and then it was straight back to work preparing for the evening meal.

After a very successful morning on the savouries the cadets turned their hands to desert and set about making the classic favourite, Bread and Butter pudding.

After a very successful third period of serving the evening meal, Cdt Robinett commented “I personally had a fantastic day in the mess and I know Conor did as well. We would both like to thank Flight Sergeant Smith for arranging this for us”


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