Respect - Integrity - Service - Excellence.

What are we talking about, the Air Training Corp Core Values, and it was these very values which 51 (Orton) Squadron's enrolment ceremony of yesterday evening were centred around.

Air Cadet Enrolment

25 cadets from the squadron, along with family and friends met at St Margaret's Church Fletton, for the first time in 7 years to be enrolled into the corp by a Padre. A 100 people strong congregation was led through the service by Lay Pastor Keith Locke, Padre of Holbeach Squadron and Revd Bill Gammon priest of St Margaret's Church.

Drumhead AltarThe Service commenced with a welcome by Flt Lt Andy Mason, who quickly handed over to Keith, who explained the importance of the service and the commitment that each cadet was about to make. After the first hymn "He Who would Valiant Be", each cadet was individually led through their promise by Keith or Bill and handed a copy of the New Testament. The promise was made in front of the Drumhead Altar, which was built using the Squadron's own drums and banner.

Shortly after the promise, the very well-known Enrolment Hymn was sung to the "Dambusters March", which had its usual massive impact, and allowed for Keith's Address to further more hit home about the commitment each cadet had made and the impact that being part of the Air Training Corps would have on each person's life who were sitting in the church that evening. Prayers were offered by Bill, to support not only the cadets but for all military forces throughout the world.

The ceremony was concluded by Flt Lt Andy Mason offering thanks to Keith and Bill and inviting all those present to enjoy the tea and cakes which had been provided. Flt Lt Andy Mason said "It is such a great pleasure to be able to organise this event for the cadets, and as always I am proud of each and every one of them for what they had achevied not only tonight, but in the cadet career."

Air Cadet Enrolment For some of those cadets enrolled this evening, they are approaching the end of their time in the Air Cadets, and Flt Sgt James Cooper is one of those cadets, who will be leaving the squadron in October to join the Royal Air Force, James commented "It is so nice to at last be able to say my promise publically and a very nice finish to my time with the squadron. If there is just one thing I would like to say to any of the current members or anyone thinking of joining or who will in the near future join, make sure you take every opportunity given through the corp, there is so much on offer which will make a total difference to your life and more importantly enjoy it."

If you want to make a difference, learn something new or stand out from the crowd, why not visit our squadron to see how you could benefit from joining such an organisation., or email us at, or you can call 01733,, 01733 391071.