Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication

51 Orton Squadron formed up with 115 Peterborough squadron at a Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication to commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Service was well attended by Veterans, dignitaries and air cadets alike. As with all such events the colours where paraded in during the first Hymn which was “And did those feet in ancient time”, the atmosphere of so many remembering times of conflict past could be felt. The shear pride that men and women have for supporting their country, friends and colleagues alike.

The Service was conducted by the Rev’d Canon Ian Black, Vicar of Peterborough, with various readings from members of the RAF such as Group Captain Richard Hill, Station Commander, RAF Wittering. An informative sermon was given by The Rev’d Squadron leader Adrian Dyer, who held the attention of each cadet and supplied the congregation with such facts as, since 1940, there has only been one year where a member of the military forces has not been killed whilst in conflict, that being 1968.

The cadets were dismissed at the end of the service with kind words of thanks and how proud they should be of their selves.

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