Band Triumph for Corporal

Corporal Amy-Louise Paul from 51 Orton Squadron has been a member of the Corps Band for 12  months now and each event she attends brings more and more reward.  Her latest journey has taken her to France where nerves, pride, and excitement were all part of the experience.

Amy-Louise met with her fellow players at Napier Barracks, Folkestone, where nerves built, excitement gathered and the never ending practice continued.  The reality of packing was the first task and then with a farewell wave from a Sea King the Band left Dover.

The first performance for the Band was at Disneyland Paris, what a place for the first of our three performances. Corporal Paul said “as they all formed up the nerves really set and the adrenalin was pumping and the sweltering weather of 37 degrees really did nothing to help.”  Both sides of the route was lined by a massive crowd and the band successfully and with some relief completed  Aces High and Magnificent Men, the honour of being a member of the band which lead the daily Disney parade was simply amazing.”

Corporal Paul said “It was the second performance which really meant everything to the band at Champs Elysees, where the park was packed with an audience of all nationalities and I am happy to say both the Static and Marching performance when down a treat, just the last performance to go!”

The last performance was to a smaller audience at Le Bourget, but once again was received by an appreciative audience.  “I’m sure the whole band will agree this was a once in a Lifetime Opportunity which was enjoyed by all and I myself would like to thank all those involved in arranging and supporting this opportunity” said Corporal Paul.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming one of the ATC, why not visit for more information. The Squadron is recruiting now!!  If you are aged between 13-18 come along to one of our parade nights, we meet on a Tuesday and Wednesday between 1900-2115 at the Squadron HQ. You will find us at Nene Park Academy near the main reception.