What's all this in Aid of?

ATC Sunday 2013Don't they look smart! Why are there so many? Oh bless look at them! Doesn't that band sound good! They march so well! I remember the days!, these are just a few of the comments which could be heard from the general public that congregated around St John's square on Sunday the 3rd February.

To answer the main question, asked by the majority of spectators, "What's all this in aid of?" it is fairly simple, it is the celebration of the formation of the Air Training Corps back in 1941 on the 5th February when His Majesty King George VI granted its Royal Warrant. The ATC has now been formed for some 72 years, and each new member that joins the cadets soon feels the importance and respect for this day.

ATC Sunday 2013It is so true, how when our own squadron, 51 (Orton) joined with the rest of the North Sector of Cambs and Beds Wing, you could not disagree with the comments of how smart each cadet looked and proud they were to wear the uniform with pride and to parade through the centre of Peterborough. Some 200 cadets across the region, slipped into sync as they formed as one organisation.

Following the initial parade, a service was held by the Chaplain of 115 (Peterborough) Squadron, who had organised this year’s event, at St John's Church. The sermon delivered with clear feeling and understanding of what the corps means to staff and cadets alike kept each cadets attention.

The final salute was taken by RAF Wittering Station Commander Group Captain Richard Hill, before a very pleasant afternoon tea, hosted by 115 (Peterborough) Squadron at the Town Hall, which all from 51 (Orton) Squadron would like to thank them for.